WARNING: The solution to a legal problem requires knowing all the circumstances that affect the case, therefore the information obtained through this section must be taken for guidance only.

None of us intends for the doctor to determine the ailment and the treatment to follow through a telephone consultation, or by email, much less would we dare to self-diagnose and medicate ourselves, even if we had read a medical treatise, the same happens For example, with our legal problems.

The foreign citizen is the first to be valued. He has to give importance to his case and go to true legal professionals just as he poses a health problem to the doctor and not to the nurse or the neighbor.

The question, "What's wrong doctor?", Continuing with the simile is brief, but the answer, which can be complex, needs a complete study.

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The cost of the consultation is 50 euros. The on-line consultation service includes a subsequent clarification of the doubts that may have been raised. Inquiries are responded to within 36 hours (on business days).

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As a law firm, our maxim is to provide a legal service with the solution that best suits your needs, in the most agile and least expensive way.

Proving that your matter is in good hands helps us to provide you with the necessary peace of mind to address the case with notoriety.


In addition to the experience and advice from the management, in the offices we have professionals specialized in the different legal fields that you may need in your life. As well as a competent network of collaborators nationwide.

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We have trusted professionals in all branches (experts, psychologists, detectives), spread throughout the national territory that facilitate the work and that allow us to carry out a consensual teamwork.

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